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Commited to Excellence


The Business Beast (2022)

Unleash four primal instincts to silence your inner bitch, lead your tribe and hunt down success. 

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Part of the reason Brian’s companies have been selected as the best in the state is because of their fearless innovation.

Cedro Toro - Director,

Utah Manufacturers Association


Brian performs at a very high level. He has led and transitioned a business that was failing into one that is super successful. If you are in a place where you are trying to start a business or you’re trying to pivot into a new space within your business that’s struggling, you should speak with Brian.

James Burnham

Leadership and Change Management Consultant, Performance Mindset Coach and Podcast Host

One of the reasons that Brian is so successful is because no one outworks him.

Matt Mouritsen - Weber State University,
Dean of the Goddard School of Business and Economics


Committed to Excellence

Exceeding your Expectations

CEO and CFO Consulting

We all need more help, sometimes it just isn’t needed full-time. Our team of CEOs and CFOs have lived in the trenches of managing a business to success and through the challenges you are likely facing today. With CEO and CFO consulting, you get the benefit of providing your small or medium-sized business with the expertise of a qualified CEO or CFO at a fraction of the cost or hiring a full-time employee for these executive positions. Let’s chat and see how we may be able to help.

Business Coaching

Sometimes we all just need to have a sounding board and process for holding ourselves accountable. Having started, grown, and operated multiple multi-million-dollar award-winning businesses, we can help you evolve the ideas you have for your company. There is always a better way, and we can help find them. Let’s discuss your specific situation and goals and make your vision a reality.

Free Consultation

As someone who has lived in the trenches on that same journey to find success, I know there is always a path to where you are trying to go. Contact me and let’s find the path to your specific situation and challenges.


About Dyer Work

Brian Dyer is an owner and operator of multiple multi-million-dollar award-winning businesses. He strives to help people bring out the absolute best in themselves while silencing their too-loud inner voice that squanders their potential. He believes every person has the potential to devour dissatisfaction and exceed the limits of their current capacity.

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